A Sweet Day for Maintenance

Any chocolatier (or even amateur chocolate enthusiast) will understand the significance of Hershey Park.  Founded in 1907, Milton Hershey created a top tier amusement park with acres of land dedicated to celebrating the delectable sweet.

            But this park and its attractions cannot run on its own.  It takes a team of maintenance professionals to keep everything in check.  And these professionals entrust their maintenance management to CHAMPS.

“Meeting with CHAMPS Management staff gave us insight into how they operate.  Some of the intangibles that we felt from that meeting gave us confidence in CHAMPS capacity to satisfy our needs.  This was questioned among other vendors.”

-Dennis Pearson, Maintenance Project Lead, Hershey Park

Throughout the entire park there are over 180 buildings and structures that are currently being maintained.  It’s extremely important that the maintenance performed in the park is held to a high standard for the enjoyment and safety of Hershey employees and guests.  That’s why Hershey Park entrusts CHAMPS for all its maintenance management needs. 

Maintenance in the Past

Exceptional maintenance has always been a priority for Hershey Park.  When computerized maintenance was first introduced (CMMS/EAM) Hershey Park was early to jump on board the trend.  However, this first introduction to maintenance software had many limitations.  When unplanned maintenance arose, there was still a delay in the work order.  Not to mention, at this time work orders were paper.  They took a lot longer to reach their target destination and still had to wait for processing and approval.  There was also no method for tracking preventive maintenance, meaning all work orders were reactive.

A New Solution For Hershey

Hershey Park began searching for a new method of maintenance in 1996, however the budget approval for said solution did not arise until 2001.  Hershey contacted several vendors, but when Dennis Pearson (project lead for maintenance) talked with CHAMPS, they were set apart from other vendors.  “We felt the system was user friendly,” states Dennis, “Meeting with CHAMPS management staff gave us insight into how they operate.  Some of the intangibles that we felt from that meeting that gave us confidence in CHAMPS capacity to satisfy our needs.  This was questioned amongst other vendors.”

Preventive Maintenance

Hershey Park has made the shift from reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance.  This means that instead of fixing something that’s already broken, they put efforts into keeping structures and assets maintained so that they don’t break down in the future.  This effort is aided by CHAMPS’ PM module. 

Asset Management

All types of assets, from roller coasters to laundry facilities, are fully maintained within CHAMPS. Repairs on these assets are tracked within the system, which, for some assets, includes a hierarchy breakdown of parent/child relationships. This enables maintenance personnel to easily see asset relationships, with complete repair and related cost history. Labor costing information is also available and can be tied back to specific work orders and assets where jobs were performed by maintenance personnel. This cost information then can be charged back to the various departments that initiated the work.

Inventory Management

Keeping your inventory in check is a must for Hershey Park, especially in facility where entertainment depends on having necessary parts around in case of a breakdown.  If their maintenance team is waiting on parts or other replacement materials it is critical that inventory have those on hand, otherwise productivity essentially drops to zero.

In addition to the primary storeroom at Hershey Park, there are 3 main sub‐ store houses. With some 6,300 bins and 74 stock keeping unit (SKU) classes, managing spare parts can be quite a task. Inventory levels are often determined by the time of year. Depending on the season, inventoried items will increase as needed. Storeroom attendants have easy access to these spares and are in charge of all issue/returns.  

Going Mobile

Hershey Park has realized it is no longer enough to just implement a CMMS application. That’s why they are currently implementing CHAMPS Mobile.  Having a high functioning mobile application, integrated with CMMS, is important for organizations to enhance their operations and maintenance processes.  In an environment like Hershey Park, it is imperative to minimize critical break downs.  With a proven mobile CMMS application, such as CHAMPS Mobile, efficiency can be improved, and downtime drastically reduced.  CHAMPS mobile can accomplish this by delivering the following functionality to their maintenance techs:

  • Having Vital Information Available Instantaneously
  • Workflow Approvals Inbox
  • Faster Communication
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Locate and View Parts
  • Scanning Geotagging

Future Developments

CHAMPS and Hershey Park have worked together for many years to stay on the cutting edge of trends in maintenance management.  As opportunities arise to expand the use of CHAMPS throughout Hershey Park, these opportunities are explored. “We’re looking forward to improving and expanding many of the reporting features,” states Dennis. Other divisions of HERSHEY Entertainment & Resorts Company are also utilizing CHAMPS including the corporate communications department and the Giant Center. But as of now, CHAMPS plans to continue supporting HERSHEYPARK’s maintenance needs as they, in turn, continue to provide quality family entertainment in the “Sweetest Place on Earth®”.

Try it for yourself!

If you want to read the full story on CHAMPS’ commitment to Hershey Park, you can click here.  But, the only way you’ll be able to appreciate it is to try CHAMPS for yourself.  Contact debby@champsinc.com or call (352)-795-2362 to set up a demo showcasing the full functionality of our asset tracking module. Your maintenance team has better things to worry about than the status of assets.  Empower your team to have the tools they need to keep assets in check.

CHAMPS has implemented its solutions in industries like manufacturing, nuclear energy, amusement parks, public works, and more.   We have a team of experts providing implementation and support services.  We are passionate about our client’s success and work with them every step of the way, providing unmatched customer support and service.

Please contact us to learn about how we can deliver the solutions you may be looking for.  You can sign-up at www.champsinc.com for a CHAMPS Mobile demonstration and implementing a free trial.

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