Analytics and You: Getting the Most From Your Maintenance Program

You might have heard the term “analytics” used when talking about how to get the most out of your maintenance program. If you’ve got CMMS software already, then you might already be familiar with the concept of analytics but if you aren’t then you’re probably trying to find the best ways to keep everything on track and running smoothly.

Analytics become a huge part of this process because your end goal is to be able to effectively make decisions based on as much information about your operations as possible. In fact, without being able to analyze detailed statistics from your maintenance operations you are left guessing as to how well your program is performing.

Using analytics as a way to evaluate your performance yields substantial improvements, letting you get a much clearer picture of how good or bad your program is doing. This is accomplished by aggregating and analyzing real information stored in your CMMS software.

These analytical tools allow you to review detailed reports, showing you a myriad of valuable information about your purchasing, inspection, work orders, and other aspects of your maintenance. But most importantly these numbers come directly from what’s logged in your CMMS, providing you with a “pure” look into your efficiency.

Knowing this, it becomes much clearer as to why more and more organizations are looking to analytics in order to increase the efficiency of their maintenance plans. The ability to look at actual performance data provides these businesses with unmatched decision-making prowess, leading to decreased costs and resource usage, and improved overall performance.

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