Advanced Work Management Solution

Organizations are rapidly implementing mobile work management solutions to empower their workforce and enhance productivity. But with many options on the market, how do you choose the right one for your mobile employees? The CHAMPS Mobile functionality below will help you evaluate, compare, and select mobile work management system that is right fit for your organization:

CHAMPS Mobile:

Keeps vital information at your fingertips

  • Maintenance History
  • PM Schedule
  • Parts Analysis
  • Manuals
  • Drawings

Work smarter and faster with the right information, right when you need it with CHAMPS Mobile. CHAMPS Mobile extends the functionality of any CMMS solution by providing offline capabilities. You can continue to access your vital information and record your activities even while disconnected.
Locate and View Parts
Find the right part, right away. Part location information will get you to the materials you need to get the job done. Knowing stock levels and availability gives you the confidence that you have what you need to complete the work. Mobile functions include:

  • Default Bin detail
  • Quantity on hand
  • Multi-storeroom information
  • SKU information

Faster Communication

Breakdowns in your equipment won’t wait because of breakdowns in communication. Keep track of new work items as they emerge. Report unplanned failures from the field. Your maintenance team will be ready to respond with CHAMPS mobile.

  • Create Work Requests from the field
  • Create Work Orders from the field
  • Access your latest work assignments

Workflow Approvals Inbox

The Mobile CHAMPS Approvals Inbox provides a User with the ability to Review documents that have been sent for their approval and take action on them. Users can view details about PRs, POs, MRs, WRs, WOs, and WO Tasks, depending on what documents they are setup to approve. Users can mark documents as In Progress, which allows them to add a comment and act on the document later. And they can Approve or Reject the documents, all without needing to sit down at their desk and log into CHAMPS.

Review Documents

  • Sent as FYI
  • Sent for Approval

Approve/Reject Documents

  • Material Requests
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Work Orders & Tasks
  • Work Requests


  • Spending Limits
  • Substitutions
  • All Approvals Required
  • WF State Changes and History
  • Intray and Email Notifications

Check in/Check out Attachments

The Attachment Check out feature is available to Mobile Users that are connected to a C/S database. Documents can be flagged in C/S as requiring Check out by checking the Checkout Req? checkbox.
If the Checkout Req? checkbox is not checked, then the Attachment works normally and can be viewed by any user on any device.
If the Checkout Req? checkbox is checked, and the Attachment has not been checked out, when selected in the Mobile App the user will be prompted to confirm they want to check out this Attachment.

Record Information Like Never Before

Record breakdown and repair details using pictures, audio, and video from a mobile device. CHAMPS Mobile supports a wide array of attachment types. With multiple formats of digital media, you can clearly communicate:

  • Inspection and Lubrication points
  • Equipment configurations
  • Isolation procedures
  • Leaks and failures
  • Asset identification and location details

Comprehensive functionality of CHAMPS Mobile includes:

  1. The solution is mobile-first and works with all mobile devices
    A mobile work management solution that is developed specifically for field work and supports all mobile devices.
  2. Enables mobile workers to capture data from all locations
    Gives workers the ability to collect sensor data, photographs, surveys, and other essential information and sync it to the CMMS.
  3. Matches the right worker to the right job.
    Assigns jobs based on the worker’s skills, certifications, and location, as well as any other management preferences.
  4. Browse or Add Timecards
    The app enables browsing timecard records associated with the current user’s badge. Allows adding a timecard and submit it for approval.
  5. Dashboards based on selected KPIs
    The KPIs dashboards provide summaries of selected record counts and costs for the equipment, work order, PM, and inventory.
  6. Works offline
    The app enables the users to download, create and locally store any type of document record they choose to, including:
    Equipment and Work order
    Create/Edit new Work Order
    Create/Edit Work Request
    Create Attachments
    Create Timecard
    Take Meter Readings.
  7. Barcode scanning
    Utilize Barcode or QR code scanning to find the right asset, part, or work order right away.
  8. Create attachments
    Capture the complete picture even while offline. Record breakdown and repair details using pictures, audio, and video from a mobile device.
  9. Display Scheduled Assignments
    The app displays Work Order Steps for the current week scheduled to the current User’s Badge.
  10. Documents Approval
    Enables approval of requested work orders and purchase orders on the go, thereby streamlining approvals and improving efficiency with fewer errors and delays
  11. Shows parts inventory
    The parts inventory displays SKU and data pertaining to usage, availability, and supplier information.
  12. Has real-time tracking capabilities.
    Increases visibility into what’s happening in the field and allows you to see when workers accept, check-in, start, and finish each job.
  13. Integrated with a CMMS
    CHAMPS Mobil is integrated with CHAMPS CMMS. It can also be integrated with any other CMMS.

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