About Us

CHAMPS is focused on developing and implementing software solutions that enable enterprises to optimize the life cycles of their capital assets that include work force, equipment, facilities, vehicles, tools, spare parts and linear assets. The efficient acquisition, maintenance, repairs, replacement and salvaging of these critical assets result in operational excellence and a measurable decrease in O&M expense.

CHAMPS solutions are implemented by integrating web architected software components. Each component incorporates business domain expertise amassed over many years of experience in plant operations, maintenance, turnarounds and outages.

As a result of comprehensive functionality and technical flexibility, CHAMPS solutions have been successfully deployed at some of the most unique project sites in the world. Please click here to review Champs Customer Projects.

For modernizing legacy applications, CHAMPS has developed a methodology for quickly transforming longstanding mission critical business solutions into state-of-the-art web architected solutions. The same methodology has been used to accelerate development of new software products leveraging rich foundation layer features and functions that include ADS; audit logging; workflow; approval routing; document linking & embedding; user administration and forms customization