Yosemite National Park spans nearly 1,200 miles of Californias High Sierra region. With over 1,000 structures, over 250 miles of roads, and thousands of miles of hiking trails, maintaining this national treasure is no easy task. Delaware North Companies, the management company responsible for maintaining the park, requires a sophisticated and robust maintenace management system to help them undertake the arduous process of maintaining it all.

The sheer size of the park requires DNC to carefully plan and execute all of their maintenance work. In addition, they must closely track inventory levels for replacement parts and other materials so that when crews are dispatched for maintenance or repairs, they’re able to efficiently complete their assigned tasks. CHAMPS CMMS/EAM allows them to manage work requests, track inventory levels, and plan future maintenance work in ways that were previously impossible.

Going beyond the benefits in the field of the CHAMPS CMMS system, DNC is also able to accurately forecast budgets and other administrative information by generating detailed reports. These reports allow DNC to perform in-depth analysis of all the maintenance activities that are being performed at the park, providing them with essential information in satisfying the National Parks Services requirements for maintenance.