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                 In the maintenance realm, there is an abundance of mobile maintenance software. There are also many practical benefits of having access to your maintenance data through a mobile CMMS.

                However, to fully take advantage of those benefits, you need to incorporate mobile maintenance software into your daily workflow. CHAMPS Mobile is equipped to offer the best, most immersive experience all from the palm of your hand.

Is It Worth It to Add Mobile?

                Our CMMS is superior as a standalone product, but it’s even more impressive when combined with our Mobile Module.  Maintenance teams are very busy.  They don’t have time to sit at the office all day.  When they’re far from the workspace they are unable to access work orders and other requests.  This wastes countless amounts of time and money.

                If you work in an environment that relies heavily on machinery, you understand how much goes into the upkeep of those assets.  If one piece of equipment has scheduled maintenance, it can be difficult (or impossible) to keep production moving.  More often than not, the performance of one machine has a lot to do with the performance of others.  They are all interconnected in some way.  There will always be downtime, as routine maintenance is necessary for safety, but with CHAMPS Mobile, that downtime can be drastically reduced.

                If your equipment has scheduled, routine maintenance throughout the year, CHAMPS can optimize that scheduling in the most efficient way possible.  That could be anything from combining multiple maintenance tasks in one day, or viewing singular worker’s assignments for the day.  The maintenance tasks are assigned strategically in a manner that allows employees to be given tasks that are aligned with their strengths.  There is flexibility in this system in cases of unplanned maintenance, or absent employees.  You won’t be the one scrambling to schedule new maintenance or In these unexpected situations CHAMPS has automatic rescheduling capabilities that alerts mobile users of the new changes or updates. That means less downtime, and more focus on what your business does best.

Now More Convenient than Ever

                There is a myriad of features CHAMPS mobile can offer, but it would take too long to list them all out.  Besides, we know you only care about one thing: ease.  We offer training for both regular CMMS and CHAMPS Mobile, but don’t worry, it won’t take you too long to get the hang of them.  Once you actually implement CHAMPS Mobile you’ll be able to record information like never before. 

                Instead of filling out a written request, you can fill in the details with media!  Attachments are compatible with the app and allow for more detailed information.  A picture or video could even be added to the report when a description isn’t cutting it. 

What Else Can It Do?

               With CHAMPS Mobile you can do anything from approving work orders to submitting timecards!  However, one of our standout features would be offline capabilities.  If your team is working in an area with limited internet capacity, they would still be able to access work papers and other documents.  This is far more convenient than carrying around loose papers and files that could easily get mixed up. 

                Another unique feature of our mobile app is geotagging.  This allows users to report exact location of any area that needs to be worked on with just a snapshot from their phone.  The CHAMPS Mobile app is then able to locate and analyze your data.  There is no confusion when it comes to what area the report is based upon.

                Perhaps one of the most convenient features of CHAMPS Mobile is the scanning feature within the app.  You can now simply scan the barcode on a piece of equipment with your phone and the entire maintenance history will appear right at your fingertips.  No need to look through countless files of paperwork for a report anymore.  Anything on the machine from work orders to its entire maintenance history can be found once scanned.

                Though not technically a feature (we like to think of it as a perk), the UI is extremely user friendly.  We find that keeping things simple actually helps you get the most out of the Mobile experience.  Why crowd your phone with things that you’ll never use?  The features we decided to put on the app are the ones that make sense for mobile. Listed below are a few additional mobile capabilities.

Comprehensive functionality of CHAMPS Mobile includes:

  1. The solution is mobile-first and works with all mobile devices
    A mobile work management solution that is developed specifically for field work and supports all mobile devices.
  2. Enables mobile workers to capture data from all locations
    Gives workers the ability to collect sensor data, photographs, surveys, and other essential information and sync it to the CMMS.
  3. Matches the right worker to the right job.
    Assigns jobs based on the worker’s skills, certifications, and location, as well as any other management preferences.
  4. Browse or Add Timecards
    The app enables browsing timecard records associated with the current user’s badge. Allows adding a timecard and submit it for approval.
  5. Dashboards based on selected KPIs
    The KPIs dashboards provide summaries of selected record counts and costs for the equipment, work order, PM, and inventory.
  6. Works offline
    The app enables the users to download, create and locally store any type of document record they choose to, including:
    Equipment and Work order
    Create/Edit new Work Order
    Create/Edit Work Request
    Create Attachments
    Create Timecard
    Take Meter Readings.
  7. Barcode scanning
    Utilize Barcode or QR code scanning to find the right asset, part, or work order right away.
  8. Create attachments
    Capture the complete picture even while offline. Record breakdown and repair details using pictures, audio, and video from a mobile device.
  9. Display Scheduled Assignments
    The app displays Work Order Steps for the current week scheduled to the current User’s Badge.
  10. Documents Approval
    Enables approval of requested work orders and purchase orders on the go, thereby streamlining approvals and improving efficiency with fewer errors and delays
  11. Shows parts inventory
    The parts inventory displays SKU and data pertaining to usage, availability, and supplier information.
  12. Has real-time tracking capabilities.
    Increases visibility into what’s happening in the field and allows you to see when workers accept, check-in, start, and finish each job.
  13. Integrated with a CMMS
    CHAMPS Mobil is integrated with CHAMPS CMMS. It can also be integrated with any other CMMS.

What Are You Waiting For?

                The only way you’ll be able to appreciate it is to try CHAMPS CMMS Mobile for yourself.  Many of CHAMPS customers opt in for the Mobile module because it is effective, efficient, and convenient.  In this unpredictable world, your maintenance team should have a CMMS solution they can rely on.  And that team should have the capabilities to do their job wherever it may be located.

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