Is there a Mobile Solution for Everyone?

The age of mobility is upon us, requiring Operations and Maintenance organizations to keep pace with advancing technologies.   With many mobile CMMS solutions being offered in the marketplace, how do you determine which one will work the best for your organization?   To select an effective mobile CMMS application, you first need to evaluate what functionality the application offers and how it will empower your mobile workforce to get the work done efficiently in the field.

A Comprehensive Mobile Solution

It is no longer enough to just implement a CMMS application. Having a high functioning mobile application, integrated with CMMS, is important for industrial organizations to enhance their operations and maintenance processes.  In an environment that relies heavily on machinery for production, it is imperative to minimize critical equipment break downs, and have the equipment up and running quickly in case of failure.   With a proven mobile CMMS application, such as CHAMPS Mobile, efficiency can be improved and downtime drastically reduced. Learn how CHAMPS mobile can accomplish this by delivering the following functionality to  field workers:

  • Have  Vital Information Available Instantaneously
  • Workflow Approvals Inbox
  • Faster Communication 
  • Offline  Capabilities
  • Locate  and  View Parts 
  • Scanning
  • Geotagging

What are some other features of CHAMPS?

One of the important features of CHAMPS Mobile is an easy-to-use User Interface.  The main menu shows only those items that are pertinent to getting the field work done. Additional administrative and security functions are available and are best managed at the desktop with web applications.

CHAMPS Mobile is scalable, so its scope can be increased over time as the needs of an organization change. CHAMPS also provides updates to keep up with the most current technologies.

It is also:

  • The solution is mobile-first and works with three major mobile platforms (Apple, Andriod,  Windows).
  • Enables mobile workers to capture data from all locations.
  • The application enables browsing timecard records associated with the current user’s badge. Allows adding a timecard and submit it for approval.
  • The KPIs dashboards provide summaries of selected record counts and information related to equipment, work order, PM, and inventory.
  • Take Meter Readings.
  • Utilize Barcode or QR code scanning to find the right asset, part, or work order right away.      
  • Capture the complete picture even while offline. Record breakdown and repair details using pictures, audio, and video from a mobile device.
  • Display Scheduled Assignments for Work Order Steps for the current week scheduled to the current User’s Badge.        
  • Increases visibility into what is happening in the field and allows you to see when workers accept, check-in, start, and finish each job.        
  • CHAMPS Mobile is integrated with CHAMPS CMMS. It can also be integrated with any other CMMS.

Do I Need Mobile?

The question is not about whether mobile CMMS is beneficial, but rather which mobile application is right for your company. The only way you will be able to appreciate benefits of a mobile work management application is to evaluate one for yourself.

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