Is your Maintenance Program Optimized? 3 basic questions to get started. – Part 1

Have you ever been asked to do more with less? It seems that nearly every maintenance organization has faced this challenge at some point. It seems cruelly ironic that some organizations prefer to run their maintenance teams till they break. This type of decision making can be avoided when a maintenance program has been optimized.

Is your maintenance program optimized? In this 3 part post, you can start your self-evaluation with 3 basic questions. Let’s make your path forward as clear as the benefits of optimization.

Does justification come easy?
Experience is a valuable commodity. An experienced maintenance manager can see the backlog, schedule, and resources and have a good understanding of what can be done and what can’t. They can fairly accurately predict the impact of modifying any of those variables. The challenge is that experience alone does not sufficiently provide justification for many decisions. Reliable data on the other hand is usually cited as one of the most effective methods for justifying a course of action.

Does this form of justification feel difficult or easy? Will justifying your decision through your CMMS be time consuming and complicated? Are you distrustful of the data in your CMMS? These are major road blocks for optimization but they are not insurmountable.

When a maintenance program is optimized justification is easy. At times the data for justification will even precede the awareness of the need. An optimized maintenance program is fine tuned. It operates, pardon the pun, like a well-oiled machine. Even minor adjustments to schedules, work load, team size and the like are clearly reflected in the bottom line.

A well-designed CMMS will make this type of insight easily accessible. Data visualizations, predictive and forecasting functions are all features that make answering important business justification questions easier. Even if your CMMS is not fully equipped with these features there is no need to despair. Data analysis tools can leverage your existing data and turn it into actionable information. When you bring together CMMS process knowledge and data analysis expertise the path toward maintenance optimization immediately becomes a clear and achievable goal.

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