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Software as a service is nothing new.  It’s been around since the 1960s.  But now it’s getting everyone’s attention.  SaaS has become a buzzword recently, and that is due to newfound accessibility.  People are now able to buy subscription-based services that allow you to connect to applications in the cloud via the internet.  This is far less of a hassle than installing expensive and time-consuming hardware to your computer.  That’s why we here at CHAMPS want to give you the ultimate maintenance management experience with the added convenience of SaaS.  For any additional questions feel free to call us at (352)-795-2362 or send an email to debby@champsinc.com at any time.

What We Offer

With CHAMPS SaaS you are easily able to access all CMMS systems from your computer without having to install any external devices.  On the cloud application you will be able to track work orders, schedule maintenance/tasks, manage inventory, and more!  SaaS is constantly being updated with new improvements and features.  This means that no matter what you will have the most up to date technology on the market.  As of right now, we do not offer any tiered plans. We offer one plan, the complete solution. In the future we may be able to further refine our offerings.  Click here to see full list of skills.

If you are worried about software integrations, fear not!  We offer pretty much everything you could ask for from a CMMS standpoint, so after integration many customers find CHAMPS is all they need!  But, if you’re still set on combining, don’t worry.  CHAMPS SaaS makes integration a breeze.  Another factor of ease, CHAMPS SaaS does not require any additional plug ins or software.  We integrate with countless other software solutions.  You don’t have to worry about the process either!  CHAMPS handles all integration, because we know you have more important things to worry about.   

So… Who’s Hosting?

Great question!  With CHAMPS we give you the choice of host.  If you want to have a self-hosted server for our CMMS that is perfectly fine!  And if you want to use our server, we are happy to host you.  While there are benefits to both options, with our server, you don’t need any IT approval or special installation.  You can access SaaS directly over the internet!  This is ideal for smaller businesses.  If you choose to be self-hosted, then you would need a private server room, meaning you actually bought and own the software.  Pending on the size and specific needs of each company, there will be pros and cons to both options.

As far as hosting locations, our SaaS does work outside of the U.S., however for legal reasons some countries may not allow businesses to use servers in the United States.  CHAMPS SaaS is equipped to function in any country that allows for American servers.


Our pricing structure is made to benefit you.  We never want to overcharge and that’s why our pricing is scalable, as far as modulesAt the moment our pricing is fixed, however we are working towards a more flexible model. Your SaaS services charges are calculated on a monthly basis, however you are billed annually.  This allows for cheaper prices and less payments.

If you want more modules than you can add more modules.  If you only use a few features, then you can choose what you want.  With CHAMPS you only pay for what you actually use.  Because you shouldn’t be charged for irrelevant add-ons.  Our pricing structure works well for both large and small companies, allowing the individual customer to pick and choose which modules will work best. 

We are able to give you a highly accurate estimate based on the information you provide.  During our demo we are getting to know each other.  It is not a stream of information flowing only one way.  We like to create an environment that fosters the exchange of knowledge.  The more details you provide about your company, the closer the estimate will be.  Click here to schedule your demo today!

SaaS Support

CHAMPS offers high levels of customer support for all CHAMPS products.  SaaS is no exception.  We have employees ready to walk you through the entire process from installation, to training, to troubleshooting.  We understand that there is no “end” with maintenance management.  That’s why our communication will be ongoing and always remain open.  No matter where you are in the process, CHAMPS will always have your back.   

CHAMPS has its own team of in-house tech support specialists.  We never outsource, that’s why whenever you contact our team, you’ll be speaking with an experienced group of experts that know your situation and our software inside and out.

If there’s ever a problem (doesn’t happen often) we want to make it right. Bug fixes and diagnostic type evaluations are free.  Additional services may be required for personalized training, data migration, etc.  Additional services may be required for personalized training, data migration, etc.

Safety and Data Privacy

Safety and data protection are often concerns when searching for the right SaaS.  Your privacy is a huge priority for us.  CHAMPS SaaS is hosted on Azure’s platform. Therefore, we inherit the privacy and security features Azure has established. 

In fact, for most businesses, data is more at risk in-house.  This is due to a generally lower budget, as well as human error (employees accidentally leaking data or causing gaps in security).  Yes, some may feel a false sense of security with a server on site, however, SaaS companies simply have more time, money, and effort to invest in security and maintenance. 

Additional Features From CHAMPS

We provide a selection of reports out of the box, including audit reports.  Custom reports can be developed by customers or designed by CHAMPS.

For our updates, incremental patches are provided on an as needed basis for security and functional fixes.  Major releases are provided on an annual basis.

This Sounds Great!  What’s the Next Step?

If you are curious about how CHAMPS SaaS can cater to your business, please do not hesitate to reach out.  We can set up a personalized demo, or simply talk a little more about the needs specific to your business.  Don’t wait! Call us today at (352)-795-2362 or send us an email at debby@champsinc.com.

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