Maintain the Thrill…

It is essential that amusement parks and stay prepared for a full season of safe and enjoyable rides. But in order to prioritize maintenance based on the criticality of their assets, it is important to have an efficient solution that tracks asset conditions in real-time. CMMS/EAM software does just that!

With EAM and CMMS software, amusement parks can:

1. Monitor Maintenance Schedules

Relying on complex spreadsheets, documented records, and multiple hard drives for asset information is not only impractical and inconvenient but also time-consuming, and prone to error. With CMMS/EAM software, theme parks can manage every aspect from preventive maintenance and work orders to inspections, inventory, and reporting in one, easy to use database. CHAMPS is rated very highly on user interface.  All important data including asset condition, repairs, downtime, and work status reports, is available at your fingertips.

2. Track Asset Conditions in one Convenient Database

Amusement parks primary goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience by keeping rides safe and well-maintained all year, or throughout their given season. CMMS/EAM software tracks accurate data of every activity including unplanned downtime and unexpected breakdowns. When every job performed by maintenance technicians is tracked in real-time, it is now possible to know exactly how critical infrastructure assets are performing across locations.

3. Compile Processes and Consolidate Data

The GIS data available in enterprise asset management software empowers parks and recreation departments to improve collaboration on-the- go, consolidate data across locations, and ensure complete accuracy. CHAMPS CMMS/EAM software allows maintenance and operations managers to monitor assets, assign jobs, track documentation, and compile processes for a wide variety of functions across site locations.

4. Record Costs for Accurate Budget Planning

Amusement parks and recreation departments have to do a lot of work and safety inspections while staying within tight budgets. This is why it is vital to know the breakdown of where your money is being spent. CHAMPS CMMS/EAM Software tracks expenses related to asset management and maintenance in real-time. This highly important data can be used for accurate budget planning so that assets remain up and running for the community.

5. Improve Accountability

Recreation departments cannot function efficiently without consistent communication with maintenance technicians in the field. With advanced CMMS/EAM software in place, it becomes easy to connect with the maintenance team wherever they are!  Multiple users can access the database on their mobile device and update it in real-time.

Try it for yourself!

If you want to read the full story on CHAMPS’ commitment to amusement park Hershey Park, you can click here.  But, the only way you’ll be able to appreciate it is to try CHAMPS for yourself.  Contact or call (352)-795-2362 to set up a demo showcasing the full functionality of our asset tracking module. Your maintenance team has better things to worry about than the status of assets.  Empower your team to have the tools they need to keep the thrills big and the worries small.

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