Lockout / Tagout

The Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) Module provides the steps necessary to establish and restore plant conditions necessary to safely perform work. The system also provides for the definition, printing and control of tags that can be securely fastened to an energy isolating device in accordance with an established procedure.


CHAMPS Permits is an easy-to-use web based solution for every industry and any permit type imaginable. The system comes pre-loaded with the most common standard permit templates for zero setup and instant permit use.


CHAMPS Inspection application is designed for managing inspections performed for specified equipment. The application eliminates cumbersome paper trails, ensuring that proper historical data is retained and easily accessed for audits and legal purposes.

Project Tracking

CHAMPS Project Tracking Module tracks the transaction details and financial aspects of a wide variety of projects including capital projects, engineering projects, cost-sensitive projects, and project-oriented work.


The CHAMPS Calibration Module provides the ability to extensively track instruments, devices, tools and equipment that require audit traceability back to an established standard. This module defines and tracks when instruments are due for calibration or testing tasks and give users a tool to forecast the impact.

Condition Reporting

The Condition Report (CR) Module provides the ability to report, classify, trend, distribute and review potential issues for future prevention. Condition Reports are used to initiate the process of reviewing and correcting such problems.