Custom Development

Outsourcing software development is not an easy choice for any organization. But it does not have to be totally gut wrenching either. With ever changing technological and economic environments, innovative models must emerge to address the needs of organizations wanting to outsource their software development. CHAMPS has devised an approach to developing new software applications or modernizing legacy applications that addresses the concerns of most CIOs or CTOs faced with outsourcing choices.

CHAMPS approaches all software development projects with the following goals in mind, which correspond with the goals of most IT organizations:

  • Complete projects with accelerated schedules
  • Substantially lower cost than competing organizations (Internal or External)
  • Full knowledge transfer and source code ownership to client
  • Accelerated Schedules

CHAMPS has the architecture, methodologies and the software components in place that will be deployed to get a fast start on projects. Complete enterprise foundation layer system administration features and functions are already developed, tested and included (i.e. user admin; workflow; approval routing; code table admin; ADS; attachments; audit logging; APIs; hierarchy development; etc.) These will be licensed at a substantial cost savings as compared to attempting to develop them from scratch. The same is true for some of the application components. Depending on functional requirements, we may already have application components that may work for a project, even if they require slight modifications. Thus, our approach of combining foundation layer features and functions; already developed functional components; with any new client specific functional requirements accelerates schedules considerably.

Reduced Cost
It goes without saying that accelerated schedules result in cost reduction, since typically the longer the development cycle, the higher the financial investment. Having functional and technical requirements specified and agreed to prior to commencement of development provide us the opportunity to evaluate how we can reuse already developed components from our inventory. We will do the gap analysis with the customer team and determine what the development effort will entail. We strongly recommend having some of the customers’ staff on the project team full time. This has worked very well for our customers in their projects to both accelerate the schedules and reduce development cost.

Knowledge Transfer
CHAMPS has experienced that complete collaboration with the customer’s team guarantees success of a project. Having some of the customer’s staff on the project team provides a continuous transfer of knowledge to the customer’s organization. This has the great advantage of the team members bringing home a solution that they are completely familiar with and have ownership in. They can train users, maintain the solution and enhance it as necessary. In other words, customers will not have to depend on CHAMPS for future support for the solution, unless that is what they want.