Thinking about CMMS Software? Try These Tips Before Buying

As a maintenance manager, you’re always busy. Even more so if you’re using traditional paper-based methods. So if you’re taking the time to look into a computerized maintenance management system, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Trust me, nothing is more frustrating than starting a lengthy evaluation process only to find a product isn’t what you need. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of tips to ease the process of searching for a maintenance software solution.

Identify Improvement Areas

If you’re thinking about CMMS, you know these areas exist. Don’t kid yourself, you have them somewhere in your maintenance plan. Is your work order process up to speed? How well are you managing parts inventories? Do you experience a lot of unexpected downtimes? Looking at your program objectively, try to identify any and all areas that you aren’t satisfied with and make a list of them. Looking at your weak areas isn’t always enjoyable, but it’s important to go into the CMMS buying experience knowing exactly what your current strategy is doing right, as well as pinpoint a direct solution for improvements.

Define Your “Wishlist” AKA What Do You Need Your Software To Do?

In other words, what kind of functionality do you need? Keeping in mind your areas that need to be improved, think about what your software should do to help you solve these problems. Does it need to be accessible from the Web? These are the kinds of features you should be thinking about prior to beginning your search for a CMMS solution. Doing so will save you a tremendous amount of time because you’ll be able to narrow your search terms and find more relevant options.

Also, be mindful of how vendors respond to your wishlist. If they are unwilling to accommodate or listen to your business’ specific needs, it might be a sign that these are not the people for you. Every company is different, and it is important that vendors take the time to learn those needs.

Understand Your Business Needs

These days, there’s lots of licensing options. You can buy software and host it yourself, use software as a service (SaaS) models, and about a million other different options. No one can really tell you which is the right option except yourself. Will your IT staff be able to efficiently support an in-house solution? How many people will be using this software on a regular basis? Smaller businesses can benefit from SaaS models while large enterprises find the SaaS models lacking in functionality. Ultimately, it’s up to you to understand where your organization stands on this front.

Some may say that small businesses should not bother with CMMS because they cannot afford it. That’s why many smaller companies will use spreadsheets to keep track of maintenance management. However, spreadsheets are not tailored to a specific maintenance task. CMMS software eliminates this issue because it is custom fit for maintenance! All maintenance data will be easy to find in one place. With CMMS you can report maintenance in real time and trigger automatic notifications and work orders.

With CMMS you can also see results.  You receive analytic data based on the health of your assets.  You would be able to measure KPI’s, PM forecasts, or any metric you deem valuable.  This helps you track your growth and progress, allowing you further insights into just how well your CMMS system is working.

Get Hands On

Finally, and this is the most important tip, test both vendor and product. Too often, you see a great product and terrible customer service backing it. The best CMMS in the world becomes severely hamstrung if you cannot get support from the vendor. Vendors should be knowledgeable (CHAMPS is backed by 40 years of industry experience!) and willing to develop a mutual relationship with you to support your success. Our team of experts are dedicated to making sure you are satisfied with your maintenance management system.

Try It Out!

The only way you’ll be able to appreciate it is to try CHAMPS for yourself.  You can now do this risk free with our extended free trial!  Contact or call (352)-795-2362 to set up a demo showcasing the full functionality of our CMMS.  Empower your team to have the tools they need to keep maintenance management in check.

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